School Day

We are still in the process of finalising the exact timings of the school day and we may need to adjust these slightly for the first part of the year at Fairfields. What will not change is that there will be six fifty minute lessons per day, giving flexibility for subjects to have either single or double lessons depending on the model that best fits in with the approach to learning in that subject. Watling Academy is committed to before school provision and a breakfast offering for those students who need to arrive at school early. Likewise we encourage all of our students to participate in after school clubs which will either be provided free of charge by teachers or at a small charge for outside organisations that come in to enrich our offering. There will be further information about these timings later in the year and we will be able to confirm with you in March when you find out if your son or daughter has been successful in gaining a place at Watling Academy.

FairfieldsTimings Timing whilst Watling Academy is based at Fairfields.

School Opens

08:00 am Academy Building opens for students

Period 1

09:10 am


10:50 am

Period 4

12:05 pm

Period 5

1:35 pm

Academy formal timetable finishes

3.15 pm


08:45 am

Period 2

10:00 am

Period 3

11:15 am


12.55 pm

Period 6

2:25 pm