Spelling Bee – House Competition

During the first term all students have been practising translating and spelling in Spanish up to 50 new words as part of their preparation for the Foreign Language Spelling Bee House Competition. The competition itself took place in their Spanish lessons during the last week of the Autumn Term. Students had to correctly translate and spell as many of the 50 words as possible in a minute. Two winners from each House were then selected to take part in the next stage, which is a School Competition that will take place just before the Easter Holidays. The winners of the School Competition will potentially then compete in a regional/national competition.

The winners of the House Competition were:

  • Cindy O – Leyh (7 words correctly translated and spelt in a minute and won a tie break)
  • Jago L– Leyh (8)
  • Jenisha C – Marshall (11)
  • Janelle S – Marshall (11)
  • Joshua M – Rutherford (10)
  • Jenefa R – Rutherford (11)
  • Diogo V – Laine (8)
  • Gabriel M – Laine (14)

The total number of words correctly translated and spelt in a minute by each House was:

  • 5th – Leyh – 99
  • 4th – Turing – 101
  • 3rd – Rutherford – 116
  • 2nd – Laine – 121
  • 1st – Marshall – 122

Well done to everyone in Year 7 for taking part. It is great to see everyone spelling words in Spanish using the Spanish alphabet. This will really help you with your learning in general.

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