TNMOC Virtual Tour

Students at Watling Academy have taken part in two virtual trips to The National Museum of Computing this half term. Over the two weeks students participated in a different theme each week. The two themed sessions that students took part in were:

World War 2 Codebreaking

This includes a tour of the famous World War 2 codebreaking machines the Bombe, Tunny, Heath Robinson and Lorenz. It includes an activity using a Python program to act as Lorenz keys to decipher messages or a virtual reality session to create a Virtual Block H.

Modern Electronic Computing

Modern Electronic Computing includes a tour of EDSAC, WITCH, Elliot 803 & 903, Large Systems and PC Computers. It gives and insight into the development of computing over the last 70 years and covers key concepts in the computer science curriculum. The interactive sessions offer the choice creating a program using the BBC emulator or CoSpaces Virtual Block H. Both sessions cover the same content as a full day visit to the museum.

Mr Bartlam, Computing Hub Lead and Computing Teacher for Watling Academy, who’s class participated in the remote learning pilot programme, said: “Our students were very responsive to TNMOC’s remote learning programme. They described it as fun and felt like they were actually in the museum. The museum’s presenters were informative and clearly knew their stuff, answering all the questions the students had. It was a fantastic activity that gave our students that field trip feeling, from the safety of our classroom. We would highly recommend it to other teachers.”

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