Year 10-11

Our KS4 curriculum is followed in years 10 and 11. We ensure that all students have the opportunity to follow a curriculum of which the EBacc subjects form a central part and we believe that this strong academic foundation combined with our commitment to STEM will combine to provide a rounded education. We recognise that the EBacc is not appropriate for all students however, and our curriculum therefore includes alternative vocational courses and/or alternative curriculum pathways for these students. This ensures that they are supported to be successful and progress to post-16 courses of their choice successfully.
In addition to the above core curriculum, students will select up to three options subjects chosen from a broad range of academic and vocational courses including…
  • Design, Engineering, Art, Textiles, Food, Computing
  • History, Geography, RE, Sociology, Psychology, Business
  • Media Studies, Modern Language, Drama, Music, Music Technology, iMedia
  • PE, Sport and Fitness, Dance, Food and Nutrition, Childcare, Health and Social Care
Weekly allocation of teaching hours for Key Stage 4
English, Maths
STEM Innovation
EBacc choice
Options (3 subjects)
PE, Well-Being
PSHEE/Tutorial/Assembly programme
5x50min lessons
6x50min lessons (4x50min in Year 10)
2x50min lessons (Year 10 Only)
3x50min lessons
3x50min lessons
1x50min lessons
5x25min lessons