Year 7-9

Our KS3 curriculum is followed in years 7,8 and 9. At Key Stage 3 Watling Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum, with students studying a core EBacc offer of Maths, English, Science, Languages, Geography, History and Computer Science alongside PE, Music, Design & Technology, Art, Drama, RE, Well-Being and PSHE/SRE. The taught KS3 curriculum dovetails with extra-curricular opportunities and learning outside the classroom to ensure an emphasis on building ‘cultural capital’. There is extensive provision and, where needed, intervention through years 7 & 8 for the development of core numeracy and literacy skills, particularly in reading, writing, speaking and listening. We want our students to be inquisitive learners who desire an understanding of the broader picture; to feel confident in approaching unknown texts and tasks and applying their wider knowledge; to develop their knowledge of the world beyond what they will be assessed on; and to learn more about the world that surrounds them and within which they are living. KS3 sees a strong focus on supporting our students to build their leadership, organisational and communication skills alongside resilience and independence so that they feel confident to rise to the challenge of KS4, formal examinations and the world of work beyond.
Weekly allocation of teaching hours for KS3
Maths, English
STEM Innovation
History, Geography, MFL, Computing, DT, PE
Art, Music, Drama, Well-Being, RE
PSHEE/Tutorial/Assembly programme
4x50min lessons
3x50min lessons
2x50min lessons
2x50min lessons
1x50min lessons
5x25min lessons