General principles in designing our curriculum:

  • We believe in social justice and the entitlement of every student to learn the key knowledge in our curriculum, drawing on the best that has been thought, said and done in each subject, allowing students to appreciate, make sense of and broaden their world.
  • For all students, learning is about making sense of the full curriculum in each subject, and both teachers and students have a responsibility to ensure that their learning builds up systematically so that hierarchy of knowledge is respected and maintained as such.
  • The transition from Year 6 in primary schools to Year 7 at Watling Academy will ensure that students make progress from the beginning of Year 7, building on the foundations and individual starting points from their learning at Primary school.

Specific principles in developing our curriculum:

  1. Watling Academy will place Milton Keynes at the heart of its curriculum. Students at Watling Academy will gain a deep understanding and knowledge of how Milton Keynes has evolved and the vision for its growth through until 2050. They will consequently be equipped with the skills required to contribute as successful, fulfilled citizens of both our city in the future and the wider world.
  2. A focus on STEM related disciplines that go beyond the National Curriculum will equip students at Watling Academy to meet the increased demand for those skills needed by local employers. The position of Milton Keynes in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and the opening of the new university – MK:U will lead to an increase in the population and a greater number of STEM based industries in MK.
  3. Our students must have the knowledge to understand the challenges we all face relating to the environment and sustainability both within the community and on a global level. The curriculum at Watling Academy will give them that knowledge alongside the skills and confidence to make a contribution to tackling these issues.
  4. Hand-in-hand with the knowledge that students need are the values of respect, responsibility and kindness.  These values underpin all interactions within our Academy and the wider community, and we aim to develop the character of every student so that each can maximise their ability to both function well, and positively influence change, in their future environments.

Each individual subject area will ensure that their own specific curriculum intent reflects these key principles