Whilst we find ourselves in very different circumstances, one thing has not changed. That is the importance of young people transitioning through to the next stage of their education. The excitement, the anxieties, the challenges, the thrills, all still exist, and I am absolutely determined to meet any challenges head on and give your child the best possible transition experience that I can at this time.

I am aware that some students have returned to their primary school and I am working closely with primary schools to plan alternative transition processes that will initially take place virtually. I am also aware that not all Year 6 students have returned to school and I will make sure that all transition activities can be completed at home.   I am confident that students will find our virtual transition programme helpful, and it will support them to have a smooth start at Watling Academy.

Year 6 Competitions

Your chance to make even more History at Watling Academy.
Please download the details of two competitions that we emailed to your parents/carers.
We really want every single Watling student to take part.
We hope you enjoy both tasks

Mrs Barford – Deputy Headteacher

All about me T-Shirt activity

Are you ready for your first task that will be displayed on the walls in your tutor group? Get creative and download the T-shirt outline to tell us something about you. You might even want to use an old T-shirt!

Planting those seeds!

Who remembers receiving a pack of seeds to plant at the Watling Open Evening? We would like you to send us photos of the flowers you have grown to [email protected]

Newsletter – Transition Special

Please download the newsletter using the link below, outlining more of our plans for transition

More Downloads

Transition Assembly – By Mrs Barford, Deputy Headteacher