Start of Term Letter to parents & carers from Head of School

Care of Students Letter from Mrs Barford, Deputy Headteacher


Respect for ourselves and others, accepting the value and existence of alternative opinions and viewpoints whilst understanding the parameters in which a successful school community has to operate.


All members of the community will be aware of the consequences of their actions and words and understand that the choices they make can have a long-term impact on others and the environment.


Fundamentally linked to respect and responsibility. For us this means that students will be kind not just in what they do and think about others but also about themselves.

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Prospective Parents’ views

  • Having visited Watling Academy’s open evening and spoken to the Head I would love (my child) to go to this school.  In particular, I love the ethos which promotes kindness and responsibility. 

    Prospective Parent
  • I believe this school would provide the best skills/knowledge/tools to my (child) to develop and grow in so many ways by the student-teacher interaction, which was shown at the open evening and no child gets left behind statement was very bold and really inspired both my (child) and myself. 

    Prospective Parent
  • We attended the open evening for Watling Academy and listened very carefully to Mr Bacon’s speech especially regarding the vision and ethos he presented for the school. We believe in the faith he has in the school, and associate very closely with the values, standards and community spirit that would be enshrined in all students.

    Prospective Parent


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