Status of the school

Watling Academy is an Academy within the Denbigh Alliance Multi-Academy Trust and, as such, is its own admissions authority. It is the Governing Body of the School/Academy that determines the admission criteria and operates the admission process. Parents should note that for Milton Keynes’ Secondary Schools including Academies there is no automatic right to a place at the ‘defined area’ School/Academy. It is essential that application forms are completed and returned by the deadline date. If you make an application for a school that is not your local School/Academy and subsequently are not allocated a place, there is no guarantee that secondary education will be available for your child at the defined area School/Academy.

Applying to Watling Academy

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) coordinate ALL applications for the normal Year 7 admissions round (starting in September). For more information please visit the Milton Keynes Council website.

Waiting List

In accordance with the Admissions Code, Watling Academy will maintain a waiting list which will be administered by the Trustees of the Academy in partnership with the Local Authority for the duration of the Local Authority’s coordinated admission scheme. Once the coordinated scheme is closed, the waiting list will remain open but will be administered by the Trustees of Watling Academy. If a place becomes available, a child’s position on this waiting list will be determined by the application of the Academy’s published over subscription criteria, and length of time on the list will not be a factor in offering a place. Please note each child that is added to the waiting list will require the list to be ranked again in line with the aforementioned oversubscription criteria.

Children who are the subject of a direction by a Local Authority to admit or who are allocated Watling Academy in accordance with the In-Year Fair Access Protocols, or is a successful appellant, will take precedence over those children on a waiting list.

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