House System

Our house system underpins everything we do at Watling Academy. Students earn house points throughout the year by making excellent contributions in lessons and to the wider life of our school, as well as displaying the Watling Academy core values of Respect, Responsibility and Kindness. House competitions are offered by all curriculum areas, as well as an array of extra-curricular challenges and competitions.

Our House system:

  • Develops pride in Watling Academy
  • Builds and enhances our school culture
  • Recognises participation and achievement in extra-curricular activities
  • Encourages a healthy competitive environment
  • Encourages multi-level participation
  • Develops leadership and teamwork skills
  • Supports and rewards student engagement, behaviour, and achievement, both in and beyond the classroom

Head of House:

A Ayriss

Head of House:

K Combs

Head of House:

J Hardie

Head of House: D Green

Head of House:

A Okutu

The History of the House System at Watling Academy

The forming and naming of our house system was truly collaborative. Our first ever cohort of students were tasked with nominating a person who displayed Watling Academy core values of Respect, Responsibility and Kindness, plus, who had made a significant contribution to one of our three curriculum drivers – Milton Keynes, Sustainability and STEM. Through this process five inspirational people, all with links to Milton Keynes were selected:

  • Dame Cleo Laine – Singer, Actress and founder of the Stables Theatre
  • Liz Leyh – Artist, Sculptor and designer of the Concrete Cows
  • Jim Marshall OBE – Founder of Marshall Amplification and Philanthropist
  • Greg Rutherford MBE – Long jumper and Olympic gold medallist
  • Alan Turing OBE – Codebreaker, Mathematician, Computer Scientist

House Competition Results

Year 8 Champion: Laine
Year 7 Champion: Leyh
Overall Champion: Leyh

Year 7 Champion: Laine
Overall Champion: Laine

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