Press Release

Sixth Form at Watling Academy

The Department for Education has approved the addition of a new Sixth Form at Watling Academy from September 2025. This exciting development will provide students with the opportunity to further their education until the end of Year 13. With a focus on academic excellence and personal growth, the new 6th form will offer a range of subjects and qualifications to suit the needs of all students.

The addition of a Sixth Form at Watling Academy will also provide a seamless transition for students who wish to continue their education in a familiar and supportive environment. With experienced and dedicated teachers, fantastic facilities, and a focus on student well-being, the new Sixth Form will provide a wonderful educational experience.

Next steps include the submission of bids to raise the funds needed. We are also actively seeking sponsorship or donations from organisations who would be happy to support us, including any from the local community.

Overall, the new 6th form at Watling Academy is an exciting development for the school and the wider community. It will provide students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential and prepare them for success in their future endeavors.

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